‘Reflection’ offers a different path for Mulan

Reflection” provides a fun take on Mulan’s journey.

Lillian Coppelman / Clarion

“Reflection” provides a fun take on Mulan’s journey.

Lillian Coppelman, Editor In Chief

Have you ever watched a Disney movie and wondered if some things could have turned out differently? Well, Disney’s New York Times best-selling series, “A Twisted Tale,” does just that. What if Aladdin never took the lamp? What if Ariel did not kill Ursula? What if Mulan had to travel to the underworld? These are just a few in the series of Disney’s what-ifs.
“Reflection,” written by Elizabeth Lim, is a fantastic tale of adventure and thrill, each word seeming to jump out of the page and suck its readers right into the world that the author has crafted. The book may be an easier read, but it is well worth it to experience the story being told.
Each page leaves the reader on the edge of their seat and wanting more.
The story starts at the avalanche in “Mulan,” with Li Shang taking a fatal blow instead of Mulan. In her grief and guilt, she makes a deal with the spirit of Shang’s father to travel to the underworld with the Li family guardian, ShiShi. Mulan now only has until sunrise to bring Shang back to the land of the living. If she fails, she is to stay in the underworld, also known as Diyu, forever. What follows is an adventure that reads just like a movie on the screen.
The readers can feel for the characters and their struggles as Mulan climbs through this unfamiliar place in this impossible journey. They can sympathize with her as she grapples with the guilt of having to lie to Shang and ShiShi about who she really is, all while under the pressure of running out of time to bring Shang back to the land of the living.
The world building in “Reflection” is spectacular. Diyu is described as this fantastical, yet horrifying place filled with demons and the spirits of the deceased. Each level of Diyu is unique and exciting with different casts of characters that either help or hinder Mulan’s journey. The language used makes each setting pop right out of the pages, making the reader want to see more of what each level has in store.
“Reflection” is a story about friendship, trust and honor. It’s about what it means to put your faith in someone who might not have their faith in you. It is a story about overcoming personal struggles to do what you believe is right. This book is a wonderful read that any Disney fan would love.