Enjoy an inviting place with tasty East African treats on Willy Street

Sherra Owino , Assistant Editor

Williamson (Willy) Street in Madison boasts many delightful restaurants and shops. From Asia, we travel to East Africa to a seemingly small, brightly colored restaurant nestled right across from the Willy Street Co-Op. 

It’s called Buraka and has some wonderful East African delights! Like many African restaurants in these parts, East African generally means there’s an emphasis on Ethiopian cuisine. Buraka is along the same lines. There’s a nice variety of dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts. I was hoping there might be some authentic Kenyan food but didn’t encounter anything that is common. Perhaps the dishes listed as Kenyan are more specific to a certain location. 

The injera (a sour Ethiopian flatbread) is wonderful! It’s complimented so nicely with the wonderful spices and marinated sauces of the region. Combination dinners are fabulous and perfect for sharing that enables its tasters to partake of a variety of flavors. Thankfully, the portions are rather large that make it more worth the price. Unfortunately, though, the prices aren’t cheap with the average dish costing around $15, but you get what you pay for with the great tastes! 

From the outside, the place seems rather simple and small. However, it’s more spacious inside than expected. The bright colors and African art make the environment very inviting. As you enter, you first meet a bar space with most of the dining farther back along the long building. 

One of the best parts is a wonderful outdoor seating patio in the back that’s adorned with tiki lights and a nice privacy fence. This is an amazing environment for summer dining!

If you’re up for some great food and have some extra cash burning in your pocket, Buraka is worth the trip, especially in the warmer months!