‘Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game I grew up with that made me a sad, angsty, emo Sith nerd is the classic role-playing game, “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords”. It takes place in the Old Republic era in a very dark post-war galaxy set after the Jedi-Sith war. The Republic is a dying power, and the Jedi are being hunted across the universe since a reborn Sith Order rose, led by dark lords so powerful they feed on the life of entire worlds and threaten all.  

You play as the Jedi exile who has returned to known space aboard the Ebon Hawk; think the Millennium Falcon, but with a red-hot paint job. Gather a crew of broken misfits that you’ll lead towards the light side or dark side. You can even train your own Jedi order or Sith cult around you. While playing, you’ll travel across the Outer Rim trying to learn why the Force is dying and why you were cast out of Jedi back in the wars. As you do this, you’ll battle armies of Sith Lords and decide the fate of entire worlds and heal the war-torn region of space or cast it into shadows.  

These worlds range from the Smuggler’s Moon filled with bounty hunters and crime lords to the star kingdom of  Onderon, amidst a civil war between two factions. The game is filled with mini games such as podracing and gambling. It really delves deep into the lore and history of Sith. It shows that the true nature of the dark side is not cartoonish evil old men in robes, but dark grim reapers that feed off cosmic suffering.  

The story hits home with the inhumane and dark side of war, thrown in with emo and goth space magic. You will never look at Star Wars like it was meant for kids again. … learn something Disney.  

Welcome to the dark side of the nerdom. Enjoy!