‘Star Wars: Empire at War Thrawn’s Revenge’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A fan-made Star Wars game mod by the name of “Star Wars: Empire at War – Thrawn’s Revenge” is the golden dream of any die-hard Star Wars fan. It takes place in the aftermath of Battle of Endor and deals with wars between the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire. Lore of the books and comics from before Disney bought the franchise is included.  

The game allows you to play many factions from the New Republic, splinter factions of the Empire, the Chiss Empire, the Hapes Empire, the Black Sun or even the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. You can command everything from Starfighter units to an armada of Super Star Destroyers, and all sorts of ships and units from throughout legends.  

This is every Star Wars nerd’s dream.

You play on a huge galaxy map and conquer worlds both in space and on land. You even manage the galactic economy.  

Every political, social and military aspect of ruling the Star Wars universe is brought to life. The graphics for a fan-made project are great. This game will make every lonely Star Wars fan feel some level of hope in these dark times.  

So go out and rule the universe. You can find the mod on its creator website.