‘Event Horizon’ is still a classic for Warhammer fans

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

An old movie I really recommend is the cult classic “Event Horizon.” For all you Warhammer 40k fans that have no friends and spend all day painting ultra-marines and blasting Games Workshop online, this film is in many ways the fan cannon prequel film to the 40k franchise.
“Event Horizon” is better than anything Games Workshop makes and has fewer space Hobbits.
The film revolves around an Earth starship testing out prototype warp/FTL drives. After going on its shakedown cruise, it gets lost in the warp.
A few years later, the ship returns to the solar system. A search and rescue ship is sent to investigate. Upon arriving, the search and rescue crew find the lost ship vacant and no sign of its crew.
Eventually, the rescue crew starts hearing and seeing things. The more they search, the more the cosmic horror starts kicking in as they see the effect that the warp had on the ship.
The crew starts dying and falling into madness. They learn that the ship’s FTL drive was essentially a gateway to hell. And when I say hell, I mean hell.
The show was based off Warhammer 40k, and I will tell anyone who enjoys Warhammer or HP Lovecraft to check it out. Just be prepared to have nightmares for the next week or so.