Animated show for the fantasy lover, ‘The Legend of Vox Machina!’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A show I have fallen in love with both as a lover of adult fantasy, western anime and as a Dungeon Master is a glorious new show on Amazon Prime, “The Legend of Vox Machina!”
Based on the cult classic “D&D Live Stream” by Critical Role, this show takes place in a world created by Matt Mercer following a group of heroes for hire known as Vox Machina as they slay dragons, save kingdoms and get into drunken bar fights afterwards.
The show is animated in a similar way to “Avatar: the The Last Air Bender” or “Legend of Korra” but is gory and violent as it gets with modern adult relationships that are very funny and well done.
The show is filled with magic, various races like elves, gnomes, orcs, gnolls, dinosaurs and dragons. The world feels like an adult western Middle Earth anime filled with brothels and weird nerdy humor. It feels deep and is filled with its own history and politics.
The main cast is fantastic and plays off each other well. You feel the real relationships between these fellowships of nerdy voice actors.
It’s a show that any long-time fans of “D&D” and “Critical Role” will love. Shout out to my own D&D group on campus, Nerds of the Round Table. This show inspired the games we play, anyone can join if you want.