‘The Magicians’ a binge-worthy series

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A series that’s worth a binge-watch is the urban fantasy “The Magicians.” This series follows a group of emo, confused college kids with magic powers who are learning magic at an upstate magic Yale in New England. That is, when they’re not pregnant with demon babies and getting into weird love triangles with evil gods.   

The show and books have a great cast of flawed young adults that learn playing with powers often come at a great price. The main character, Quintin, is an autistic Dungeons and Dragons fan boy that enters into a world of real magic beyond anything he ever dreamt. The show deals with several side plots and battles against evil gods and demons. The series thrives off fan service to other shows and films like “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones” so much that it makes fun of its own fan base.   

“The Magicians” is filled with dragons that live in the New York subway system, vampires, werewolves, talking rabbits that travel across the multiverse and cults of magic frat kids that seek to commune with Zeus. 

The show also takes worlds like “Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia” and destroys the sense of whimsy with these kids and their repressed and confused hormones. 

All empaths will love this world.