‘Jackass Forever’ the comedy that fits 2022

Madalyn Breunig , Staff Writer

When you think of a comedy you typically think about laughing. “Jackass Forever” put an ultimate twist on this humor. Jackass finally reunites after 12 years for another round of outrageous stunts. 

This being the “last” time we see this group on the big screen for one final hurrah, I can say this will be one laugh to remember.  

This movie surrounds Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man and the rest of the Jackass bunch to re-perform and execute new stunts that will have you re-thinking what you know about being pushed to the limits. Drinking milk until they vomit, slamming objects into their genitals and kissing objects with strong forces of electricity is just a small glimpse of the excitement.  

This humor not only had me laughing, but had me squirming, gasping and jolting. This movie was a thrilling experience that will have you feeling the same emotions as the cast. There was never a dull moment in “Jackass Forever.” 

This five-star, overwhelming roller coaster of emotion film is one that you just have to see for yourself.