‘The Matrix’ is resurrected


Warner Bros. / HBO / TNS)

Carrie-Anne Moss (left) and Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix Resurrections.”

Asime Ibraimi, Staff Writer

What is real and what is fake? “The Matrix” never ceases to make you question reality.  

In the most recent iteration of the series, the creators brought Neo and Trinity back to life, hence the name “Resurrections,” for more adventures. The number of twists and loops of overlapping detail will either blow your mind or leave you confused.  

Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) have been resurrected by a program called The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris), who sent them back into the Matrix to live, blinded by the blue pill for years.  

Their memories had been suppressed and they had to live these random lives, which was driving them crazy.  We witness Neo being treated as a mental-health patient, until he finally realizes, once again, it’s all a simulation that he is stuck in.  

This movie differs from the others for bringing Trinity into the center rather than Neo. The movie is all about getting Trinity, who is now living a civilian life as “Tiffany,” to remember her past and save the two of them.  Their omnipotent love story is the underlying component of the entire story.  

I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s consistent with the other movies in its action, sci-fi and love mix. The quality of the production was much more advanced and mind-blowing, simply from the development in technology since the last movie in 2003. The special effects and graphics were crazy-good quality and realistic which enhanced the already captivating experience. I’m happy that another generation can get exposed to the classic masterpiece of “The Matrix.”