Luke Bryan’s new song ‘Up’

Mary SeGall, Staff Writer

Luke Bryan, a country superstar, has done it again by giving us another fantastic song to love! “Up” is about having someone reach out and provide a support system throughout our entire lives. The song speaks about growing up humble, in a small town with a truck.  

What I love about this song is it can be about many things; it is about a farmer and the daily struggles they deal with. Here is just a taste of the lyrics: “Up, early in the mornin’ wakin’ that sun up, fillin’ that coffee, crakin’ that tractor up. Prayin’ it rains down on the devil’s dust, then rows come poppin’ up.” Farmers work all day every day and Bryan feels that they need to be appreciated, and I couldn’t agree more.  

The emotion in his voice as he is watching the projector in the music video is just so overwhelming and powerful. It was filmed on his own farm with his children running around. It’s heartwarming how he smiles as he sings – glowing with love for his family. 

I listened to the song on repeat about five times and not once did I get through with dry eyes. It is such a beautiful song that I couldn’t help but shed a tear at the pure art that Luke has created for all of us.  

I got the pleasure of going to a Luke Bryan concert this past July right here in Wisconsin, wow! He was an incredible performer. It was back in July, and I still think about it! The energy and heart that he puts into his songs for his fans is so great. He is such a humble man from a small town but had a big town voice.  

This song is incredible. I consider this one of my favorite Luke Bryan songs and I know many of them! Please consider listening to this song. I hope you enjoy it, and it lifts your spirits as much as it did for me.