‘Halo Infinite’ finally released

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

The long-awaited game “Halo Infinite” has finally been released, and “Halo” has never been better. The latest game brings back lots of iconic content, including fan favorite guns and vehicles. 

Gamers can explore the epic expanse of a Halo ring. As human super-soldier Master Chief, you travel across a vast alien ring fighting off the hordes of the faction known as the Banished. There is so much to do on this huge ring world, ranging from killing bosses and capturing bases to collecting armor and lore.  The game is filled with war zones and an economic system similar to “Far Cry” when it comes to unlocking new weapons and tanks.  

The game’s story is somewhat of a soft reboot for the franchise, returning to focus on our favorite spartan Master Chief and his small resistance of marines as they wage a war to stop the Banished and new enemies from taking control of the ring world. The game concludes the story arc of “Halo 4” and “Halo 5” when it comes to Cortana and her plans. The multiplayer option is far better than the last two “Halo” games and brings all sorts of new gameplay and mechanics.  

“Halo Infinite” content release will be very similar to “Destiny,” with a 10-year plan and new content from added throughout the years. If you love “Halo” and yearn for the simpler times of killing aliens in infinitely brutal ways and saving the universe, look no further.