Game review: ‘Pathfinder King’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game that really drives home for me is “Pathfinder: Kingmake.” Lowly peasants go on a massive roleplay quest from humble beginnings with your crew of adventurers to eventually ruling an entire kingdom.  

You choose and customize your hero and party from a variety of races such as elves, gnomes, orcs and a wide variety of classes of hero.  

The game starts off humble enough, with you and the party going into the untamed crown lands to settle the region from bandits and monsters. Your party and resources grow from their choices to later ruling.  

You play the role of a politician, fighting over resources. The game story really captures the hero’s journey in this regard. It takes you across a wide board game style world map with the need to make camps and manage resources.  

The game’s use of magic and whimsy and overplot is worth the check out on Steam. Go forth and claim your kingdom.