An emotional ride with new album, ‘Same Truck’

Mary SeGall, Staff Writer

Hey, all you country music fans out there, I have a new album you are going to want to listen to! I bet you have heard some of his songs on the radio already such as “You Time,” “This Is It” and “Five More Minutes.” I am talking about no other than Scotty McCreery!  

Scotty got his start on the 10th season on American Idol, where he blew the judges and audience away with his deep southern country voice. He went on to win American Idol and came out with his first album “Clear as Day” in 2011 which topped the charts at number one! Songs include: “I Love You This Big,” “Dirty Dishes” and “The Trouble with Girls.” This is an album that you would play while driving down the road in summer, blasting the songs and singing along. 

Album number two, “See You Tonight,” came out in 2013. Songs included “See You Tonight,” which reached into the top 10 country songs, “Feelin it” and “Roll Your Window Down.” 

This album is full of heartfelt emotions of love and love lost, a very relatable album.  

Lastly comes the album “Same Truck.” “Same Truck” is a roller coaster of emotions. It is about all of us being on our own journey in life, but still having the same underlying basics.  

“But we are all in the same truck heading down a different two lane, kicking up the same dust and praying for the same rain.” What memorable lyrics with such passion in his songs. “Damn Strait” is about love lost, listening to a song that reminds you of a ghost from your past; how hearing it pains you and how you should have never let her go. “Small Town Girl” is about love, a girl who is humble and down to earth who is Scotty’s entire world.  

This album is one of the better albums I have heard from Scotty McCreery and I am a major fan of his, all the way back from his time on American Idol. 

This album is about love, no regrets and having fun in the sun. I give this album two thumbs up on having a variety of songs, they do not all sound the same. 

The emotion Scotty puts into his work is inspiring to me. If you enjoy country, this is a must listen.