Sun Prairie performs musical rendition of “The Nutcracker”


Iman Alrashid

Cast of “The Nutcracker” at Sun Prairie High School.

Iman Alrashid , Staff Writer

Sun Prairie high school students created an amazing performance of “The Nutcracker.” “The Nutcracker” is a piece of unique art. The music belongs to the Romantic period and contains some of the creator’s most significant melodies.  

Still, Marsha Heuer, the director of “The Nutcracker” at Sun Prairie high school, created an unforgettable performance with her amazing cast and team during November. Heuer’s passion for theater materialized in this creative work. “The script itself was built for middle school students,” said Heuer.

“It was a lot of work between developing the script and choosing the right music to go with it. It was quite challenging to put the music together to make sense for the play.” 

Rachel Traband is a junior this year at Sun Prairie High School. She was an Associate Producer for the show. Traband worked hard to make this performance run smoothly and be the best version possible for the audience. “I was where they needed me to be,” Traband said. 

Micah Friedman, a senior at Sun Prairie High School, creatively played Clara. Friedman believes that what was behind the play’s success was how the director treated the cast and how all the cast worked so hard to make this performance succeed.  

Gabriel Rodriguez played two roles, the Mouse King and Mickey. It was his first experience on the stage, and he did an outstanding job.  

“The Nutcracker” was a huge success. The ballet dancers, actors and the whole cast did remarkable, hard work. Sun Prairie High School is now preparing for the next musical performance, “Mama Mia,” on April 22- 24 and April 29-30 at 7 p.m.