New season of “You” is most-watched series on Netflix

Lilliana Miranda , Staff Writer

The new season of “You” on Netflix has gone viral across the globe, becoming the most-watched series on Netflix. The psychological thriller surpassed records made by “Bridgerton” and “Squid Game,” which held the number one spot for over a month. That is until season 3 of “You” came out on Oct. 15.

This show became extremely popular with the first and second season due to its tense, stalker main character Joe Goldberg (portrayed by Penn Badgely). He speaks in first person, so you can hear what he’s thinking throughout the show.  

Joe presents himself like an average Joe. He is quiet, and manages a bookstore in New York, but viewers quickly learn that Joe is not average at all. 

He is a sociopath who has violent tendencies and a habit of stalking the woman he’s obsessed with. He’s literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Once they fall for him, he then goes through extreme measures to remove anyone who he thinks stands in the way of their romance. 

Because viewers know what he’s thinking, the show gives off this chilling and dark question of what’s going to happen next, that keeps viewers wanting to dig deeper into what happened to Joe Goldberg. Why is he this way? Who will be next? He definitely gave viewers sociopath vibes. 

In the second season Joe decides to move to Los Angeles, California, where he gets a new identity. He hopes to start a new life and put the past behind him, when he meets a new love interest named Love Quinn. 

Viewers later learn she too has secrets of her own and plays her own twisted character. 

Little does he know they’re a match made in heaven which turns Joe completely off. He plans to get rid of her until she surprises him with some interesting news. She’s pregnant.  

The second season also explains his childhood trauma and answers some questions we may have had watching the first season. It is strange because although fans know he is not right in the head it was hard not to feel a level of empathy for his character.  

Fast forward to season three, Joe is now married and has a child with Love. Life is different now all the juicy scenes of him acting crazy died down. Sure, there are some scenes where you definitely see the sociopathic behavior we all were patiently waiting for, but now that he is a father, he isn’t sure he can be the father that his child deserves. He struggles with this the most the time he has a baby strapped to his chest which makes it hard for him to properly stalk “You.”