‘Gates of Oblivion’ a fun game

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game I find myself playing a lot lately is the new Elder Scrolls downloadable content “Gates of Oblivion.” This game brings a zone to the world map as well as new stories, quests and player versus environment to the Elder Scrolls online.
The story is very much oblivion theme with a demonic invasion from the dead lands. It takes you to the Land of Black Wood as you find yourself in the politics of the local Empire remnants and Argonian tribes, as well as fighting against a Daedra Cult that seeks to open gates to oblivion.
The characters and main story are better than more recent downloadable content. The game also brings in companion characters that can aid you in combat and travel the world with you which is a huge selling point to any role playing game fan.
The new player versus environment takes the form of new dungeons where you battle hordes of demons and travel the hellish realms of Oblivion and get great loot. The game’s world brings back memories of Elder Scrolls 4 and really brings back a lot of lore and world building from that era.
If you love Elder Scrolls, join the war against the Daedra and save the relm of Elder Scrolls from oblivion.