A book for all those Halo fans

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A great book for “Halo” fans is the new “Halo” novel, “Divine Wind” written by local Wisconsin nerd icon Troy Denning.
This book takes place right before “Halo Infinite” and follows a UNSC Black Opps team as they infiltrate a Covenant Cult known as the Keepers of the One Freedom. The action takes place as they travel to the Ark from “Halo 3” in the midst of a massive battle between the UNSC, Banished and other Covenant factions from “Halo Wars 2”.
The book is filled with massive military battles between the factions and feels like “Halo 3.” It deals with the aftermath of “Halo 3” and how it shaped the souls and convictions of many that made it through the war.
It deals with themes of military fiction and the hard choices made by those who go to war, but also feels like an episode of “NSIC” in space. There are elements of space exploration and artificial intelligence.
Overall, the book has a lot of character moments for both human and aliens and makes you see why some people might join a death cult in real life. For a fan of military science fiction, I say give this book a shot.