Adele releases heartwarming prelude single for new album

Taleise Lawrence, Staff Writer

Adele’s latest song, “Easy On Me,” was released on Oct. 15 as a single preluding her upcoming album titled “30.” The album will be released on Nov. 19, approximately one month later. It comes after her last album which was released six years ago.  

“Easy On Me” is about Adele’s recent divorce. She wanted a way to explain to her son what happened. She stated online that it’s hard to explain to a kid why she divorced his father despite nothing bad happening. She still loves him, but isn’t in love with him. I think it’s a very interesting concept for an album. Divorce is messy, and for a kid it may be confusing. I think that lens provides a new perspective that isn’t often seen in music. 

As for the song itself, it follows the sound and style Adele is known for: a mix of soul and blues. It’s not a very long song, having only two verses. It’s an emotional and beautiful sounding song. Though I can appreciate “Easy On Me,” it’s not my favorite Adele song. The high notes that are drawn out make it hard for me to sing and not sound ridiculous. I’m excited for the album and the story it will tell, even if this isn’t my favorite work of hers.