A game any Star Wars fan would love

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game that many Star Wars fan would love is Republic Commando. Taking place in the Clone Wars, this game gives Halo 3 a run for its money.  

You play Republic Clone super soldiers known as Delta Squad. The game throws you into war zones filled with battle droids and alien aggressors. The worlds are greedy, bloody and it feels like real warfare in space.  

The game follows Delta Squad who have varying personalities and skills that play into tactical shooter game play that outshines Halo and even Gears of War. The game has a massive armory and a variety of weapons and firearms. It makes you feel for Delta and shows how the Clone Wars weigh on them.  

Republic Commando has a lot in common with the Clone Wars and Bad Batch shows which shows the human and darker side of the Clone Wars. The games worlds and environments feel real and are beautiful to play in. The campaign is like real life black opps/ special forces missions and that’s what makes it stand out from the Jedi themed content that Disney puts out. 

Give it a shot!