20 years of Halo

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

It’s the 20th anniversary of Halo, the game that shaped millions of people’s lives. The game and universe have gone through so many narratives and genres but has always held onto its core.
The Halo franchise started off as a sandbox space warfare open world game filled with space dinosaurs and hordes of aliens and space marines fighting over a ring world with no lore or back story. Now it is known as the Halo universe with its spartan heroes and deep lore that we know today. We have had countless books, games and comics set over 100,000 years to fall in love with. There’s also fan projects like Red vs. Blue and Arby and the Chief.
Halo is set in our hearts as the land of parties of friends playing capture the flag or fighting off hordes of aliens in fire fight.
The new Halo intends to bring fans back to the heart and spirit of what the first halo was with its space dinos and open world elements. I’m stoked about it. In the meantime, try out the master chief collection of the halo games in one filled with modding new functions and a thriving community.