‘Seven Deadly Sins’ completes season 5

Taleise Lawrence , Staff Writer

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is a five season show, with an additional movie to support the main series. The main characters, nicknamed after the seven deadly sins, team up to stop the Demon race from taking over Britannia, which is where they live. The team is split up completing different tasks, allowing for multiple storylines simultaneously. The fifth and final season aired on Netflix in June.  

This season was slower paced than the previous season. The plot lines weren’t as interesting to me, and they dragged on for a long time. The show didn’t develop all of the characters equally, with some left on the backburner for the entirety of the season. It was disappointing to watch, as some of my favorite characters were left behind. 

The characters are the highlight of “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Their back stories were fleshed out over the course of the whole show. They all have their quirks, which makes them more relatable and enjoyable to watch. The writers did an excellent job of writing the “bad guys” to be relatable as well. Everyone had a different side to the story. While many of them had good intentions, their actions were what determined whose side they were on.  

Though this was the final season, there are rumors that there will be a final movie to round out the series. I hope that there will be, as the show ended on a strange note. It felt unfinished, and I found myself looking for more episodes thinking I had missed something. I would recommend the show to people starting out on anime, as the plotline is easy to follow and the show is easy to access.