“Star Wars: X-Wing” filled with iconic moments

Grant Nelson , Staff Writer

A book that gets me through all the chaos of the world would be the classic

The “Star Wars: X-Wing” series is a book that has been able to get me through all the chaos of the world. Made in the 1990s, these books are some of the best “Star Wars” products to have been made in that era. The storyline follows the New Republic starfighters and commandos as they battle the remnants of the empire in space and on ground.

The protagonists of the story, Commander Wedge Antilles and Coren Horn, journey across the “Star Wars” universe while liberating worlds from the empire. Along with that, the books follow many differing New Republic soldiers of different races and are action-packed, mixed with relationships and backstories of the pilots.

Based off the first three “Star Wars” films, these books deal in adventures, hard-felt losses against the empire, space battles that any fan of “Rogue One” will love, and the ever-powerful Force.

The stories also have great Imperial villains and are filled with ships and locations from across the franchise. The books show the “Star Wars” universe and war against the empire from a soldier’s point of view and covers stories such as the New Republic’s capture of Coruscant, the black-ops missions of wrath squadron, and more.

The “Star Wars: X-Wing” series is “Star Wars” storytelling at its best and are filled with iconic “Star Wars” moments, humor, and set the stage for so much in the franchise that we fans have come to love. The books, in many fans view, are more like “Star Wars” than the current films. If you love space battles and games like “Star Fox,” give these books a shot.