Yahara Journal’s Bad Love Poem Contest embraces even the sappiest of stanzas

Hailey Griffin , Arts Editor

Different people have different views on Valentine’s Day.

On the one hand, some will see it as an extravagant night out or an opportunity to spoil and cherish that special someone. On the other hand, some will see it as a “Hallmark holiday,” or as an excuse for corporations to exploit love with boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped candies and gimmicky cards.

At Madison College, those who belong to the Yahara Journal see Valentine’s Day as an invitation to share a laugh about that which many of us have done in the name of love but would rather not admit. Now, reader, you’re probably wondering; what is “that” which I refer to? It’s writing a love poem, of course.

Surely, that’s not to say that every poem written in the name of love is laughable. But I’d be lying if I said that sappy, mawkish, cheesy and thus, laughable love poems don’t exist.

In good fun, Yahara Journal embraces the existence of these sappy stanzas with their annual Bad Love Poem Contest. On Jan. 24th, Yahara Journal will begin to accept submissions for the Bad Love Poem Contest. Submissions that live up to the “bad love poem” name will receive a $25 prize!

The deadline for the Bad Love Poem Contest is Feb. 14th. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate; submit your bad love poem to https://madisoncollege.edu/bad-love-poem-contest.