Horror and science fiction combine in ‘Dark Skies’

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

People sometimes say it is difficult to choose a movie from Netflix because there are so many movies to choose from. I sometimes have the same problem, but when I saw the trailer for “Dark Skies,” I was not hesitant to press play. Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton are the main cast of the movie. Both of them are still active in the film industry, so we will see them around. The movie was released in 2013 in the United States.
The genre of the movie is listed as horror and science fiction. If you had watched the “Paranormal Activity” movie series, you might find this movie a little similar to that. Yes, there were some cameras recording within a movie showing strange things happening. I found out that the movie was produced by the producers of “Paranormal Activity.”
The story is basically about a couple with two children who start seeing strange things happening around the house and to their youngest son. The youngest son says someone is with him, but of course, the parents do not believe him, just like most other horror movies.
However, strange things keep happening. The wife starts to see it, but again, the husband still tries not to believe it. At this point, I was like, ‘Why wouldn’t you believe your wife and kids?’ However, he did set up cameras around the house because he wanted to see himself–here comes a little “Paranormal Activity”.
He finally sees unexplained phenomena happening, and the family seeks help from police. The police do not believe them, as expected. There is a little romance between the oldest son and his friend, but that lasts for ten seconds. The story goes straight to strange things happening in the house and the youngest son.

It turns out that aliens, “the Greys,” were messing with the family, trying to take the youngest son away. For those who may not be familiar with “the Greys,” they are aliens. If you have read any conspiracy theories and Area 51 stories, they always appear. The parents still wanted to protect their youngest, so they prepared for the alien attack. Usually, when you fight evil spirits, the cross and some holy objects are used, so I was wondering what they were going to use against aliens. However, it was nothing special. It made me worried about their preparation.
I will not reveal the ending here, but there were a couple twists that I really liked. I always enjoy the twist in the end, just like movies “The Sixth Sense” or “Fight Club.” Was Bruce Willis d… No, don’t worry. I won’t say it. Overall, I enjoyed the movie more than many audiences. I thought that the movie setup was nice, and it is definitely a type of genre that I enjoy watching in the early evening. Yes, I am too scared to watch scary movies too late at night.

Rotten Tomato Rating: 41%

Rotten Tomato Audience Rating: 49%

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

*The ratings are based on 1/13/2021.