“Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix” book franchise

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A book series I love as a Dungeons and Dragons nerd and fantasy junkie is the “Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix” book franchise. Set in the Warhammer old word, the book follows the endless adventures of the slayers Gotrek and Felix as they go on an endless mission to battle the forces of chaos.

At one part, what starts off as an ally fight turns into a 20-year long series of misadventures across the empire killing demons, beast-men, and dragons. The books are filled with world building, misadventures, politics, and anti-heroes just trying to die.

The books rage from comedy to war to love and loss. The books capture the soul of role-playing games like DND and books like “Ice and Fire” with its characters and world view. If you are looking for a great entry into the Warhammer universe and are looking for a fun epic fantasy in your head, give “Gotrek and Felix” a try.