“The Shack” is a story of love, faith, and forgiveness.

Grant Nelson , Staff Writer

A film that I love from the same creator as the “Life of Pi” is “The Shack.” I think everyone who enjoys a good story about faith, love, and loss will love this movie, especially around this time of year.

The film focuses on a father that loses his daughter to murder and falls into a deep loss of hope and faith. Years later, this man embarks on a quest to go back to the cabin where he lost her and end it all. During his quest, he stumbles upon a paradise forest and is greeted by the three aspects of God.

The three aspects go upon the task of the father trying to forgive those that wronged him throughout his life and to mourn his daughter, to live again. The film is based upon a book by a very progressive Christian writer, and it shows the form of the father, played by Octavia Spencer.

The story is based on love, faith, seeking forgiveness, and how God, instead of the old man on white clouds, is three loving people that bring out the internal joy and love of a person imprisoned by their own heart. The film has several points where the aspects of God destroy the brick and mortar that humans have created around the divine and shows that grace belongs to all of us.