Review of Breese Screamin’ Field 

Breese Screamin’ Field offers family-friendly Halloween option

Kaleia Lawrence, Opinion Editor

I don’t do well with scary things at all. Like, “Horton Hears a Who” used to give me nightmares. Somy tolerance for anything spooky is embarrassingly low. 

I’ve heard all of the scary stories about haunted houses before, like about the people who chase you and grab at you, and the guests who start crying and can’t even finish going through the rest of it. That has never once appealed to me; why would I want to pay money to be scared out of my socks? 

But 2020 has been a scary enough year, so I thought hey, let’s make it a little spookier!    

So, when I got tickets to Breese Screamin’ Field, I was ready to be scared. Tickets can be found on Breese Field’s website.  

Located at Breese Field in downtown Madison, the attraction is mostly outside. It’s every Friday and Saturday night in the month of October. Only one group goes through at a time in order to follow social distancing guidelines.   

It doesn’t take too long for a group to go through, so you don’t have to stand around for long. Drinks, both alcoholic and not, are available to buy before you head to the main attraction. 

I was surprised to see a lot of young kids with their parents in line. It did help soothe my nerves a bit.  

Once you’re out there, the performers are all behind glass as a safety precaution. There are a few surprises that are outside of the confines, but distance is still kept.  

If you’re looking for a mildly creepy night out, this might be just the thing for you! It might be a better experience for you and your kids.  

I’m proud to say that I got through the whole thing without jumping, although for $20.50 per ticket, I almost wish I would have.