My Truth Forum is part of year-long discussion

Anica Graney , Editor-in-Chief 

The Yahara Journal continues their efforts to improve racial equity at Madison College by creating a My Truth forum. This space will be a way for students to share their experiences with racial equity and add to the conversation of improving race relations. “The My Truth Forum is going to be space where students can share their stories, their personal experiences, their descriptions, things that they have dealt with in relation to race relations,” said Hailey Griffin, Yahara Journal’s editor. “We really just want to gain knowledge about what students have to say in the realm of racial equity.” 

The My Truth Forum began on Sept. 21. “We will be accepting stories all year, hopefully into next year because I think it’s important for people to read and recognize experiences that not only themselves but others have dealt with so we can figure out how to move towards a better, more equitable future. The goal is to just have people feel comfortable with sharing their stories,” said Griffin.  

Submissions to the forum will be reviewed to ensure that all submissions are respectful to the theme of the forum. “We just want to make sure that the submissions are in relation to what the forum is all about,” said Griffin. 

There is a submission form on the Yahara Journal website at which will walk students through the steps to submit their stories. “Students can submit their stories there or to our email, whatever they want to do,” said Griffin. The email for the Yahara Journal’s email at [email protected]. “And once we collect and review the submissions, we’ll post a link to the first copy of the forum to the webpage and we’ll be updating that throughout the semester in accordance to how many submissions we get.”