‘Dark Heart of Skyrim’ has the gothic horror feel of a dark underworld

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game I fell in love with over the past summer is the “Elder Scroll” online expansion pack, “Dark Heart of Skyrim.” Unlike the last time where you explored the Northern reaches of the empire killing dragons and fighting in a civil war, this game has a more gothic horror feel to it. It has you going head to head with vampires and werewolves in a dark underworld.  

There’s a lot of fan service to the game “Skyrim.” The game takes you to a war-torn province that has been invaded by the undead. The game feels a lot like “Game of Thrones” if it collided with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The world is huge and filled with things to do. The story is deep and rich, featuring great characters and classic “Elder Scrolls” lore. You delve deep into a dark underworld filled with demons and other foul things.  

The DLC has a lot of new raids and daily events. It’s a perfect setting for role playing. Overall, “Elder Scrolls” is still going strong in 2020. So, go kill the creatures of the night as you return to a place that we all fell in love with at one point in time.