Dark City Movie Review 

Grant Nelson , Staff Writer

A movie I would highly recommend is the old cult classic, “Dark City.” “Dark City” is a film that “The Matrix” arguably stole many aspects and ideas from. The film takes place in a city ship in space. The city ship is filled with humans who lack memory and identity, and constantly get reprogrammed by strange beings that use humans as test subjects.  

The film is very much like “The Matrix” in the form of a question: What makes a human human and what is humanity? Is it the memories we hold dearly? Is it the character that we create for ourselves?  

“Dark City” is action packed and has many dark undertones to it. It is a strong rival of The Matrix as far as settings and effects go. It is a great science fiction film that I would highly recommend. It has a bit of nudity and subjects like suicide. It can also be very graphic, so maybe don’t watch it with your kid.  

If you want to see the film that is thematically similar to The Matrix, sit back and enjoy.