If you’re a fan of “The Office,” you’ll love the “Office Ladies” podcast 

Podcast by “The Office” co-stars gives listeners a looking into behind the scenes.


Screenshot of the "Office Ladies" website

“The Office Ladies” is a podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer, right, and Angela Kinsey, left, each week, the two co-stars from “The Office” break down an episode of the show and provide behind-the-scenes information for listeners.

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor

Office Ladies is a podcast hosted by actresses Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer that takes listeners inside the beloved television show, The Office. Each week, the ladies discuss a different episode of The Office and give behind-the-scenes stories from the show. Kinsey and Fischer starred as Angela Martin and Pam Beesly in the hit television series for its entire nine seasons. They use the podcast to share their experiences and memories from the show.  

As a huge fan of the show, The Office, I was psyched when I first heard about this podcast. I had high expectations for it, especially considering that two of the biggest stars from the show were going to be hosting it, and Office Ladies did not disappoint!  

There are several things that make the Office Ladies podcast so great. First, it is free and easy to access! It can be found on most podcast hosting platforms, and for no cost. I listen to it on the podcast app that came on my iPhone. There, I can subscribe to Office Ladies and receive a notification whenever a new episode is posted.  

Second, the ladies are great at interacting with their listeners. Each week, listeners are encouraged to view the episode of The Office that will be discussed next, and then they can send in any questions they have. I have not sent in any questions yet, although I plan on doing so in the future. I like how whenever I have a question about something while watching The Office, this podcast gives me the ability to find the answer. That is not an option for most TV shows. I oftentimes notice little details in The Office that I am curious about or that do not make sense, and Kinsey and Fischer always do an amazing job at clearing up even the littlest of things.  

Third, the ladies make the podcast fun and exciting to listen to. Kinsey and Fischer are best friends, and it is obvious when listening to Office Ladies. They make the listener feel as though they are right there with them, a part of their friendship. They add positive, happy energy to the podcast that I really enjoy. And, because they are both comedians, of course, they make the podcast funny! I always find myself laughing at the jokes and sarcastic comments they make throughout each episode.  

Lastly, I love how much more I have learned about my favorite show, and just the making of television shows in general. When I go back and watch old episodes of The Office, I cannot help but notice some of the things the ladies pointed out throughout the podcast. For example, they had mentioned scenes where actors in the background started laughing when they were not supposed to, and it is funny to go back and see. I have also gained a lot of appreciation for how much work and dedication go into making a television show. For example, actors had to work long hours and do several takes just to get one scene right. And, the person who was in charge of something as simple as props actually had a very important job. They were the ones who picked out everything from the bobblehead on a character’s desk to the food that was displayed in the vending machine in the breakroom.  

I am certain that any fan of The Office would love Office Ladies. If you are anything like me and you have found yourself re-watching the series more than a few timesOffice Ladies is what you need to hear new stories on the episodes you’ve seen so many times.