KOOB- The Viking Game, saved me during a pandemic  

Paige Zezulka, Staff Writer/Copy Editor

KOOB, the Viking game, is a simple Swedish yard game that has been making a strong appearance during the coronavirus pandemic. The game gets its name, the Viking game, because it has been known to have been played since the Viking Age.  

KOOB brings people together regardless of the condition the world is in. It is a musthave during these trying times.   

Since COVID-19 hit our planet, things haven’t been the same. Businesses have shut downgroup sports and activities have come to a halt. Daily lives filled with hobbies and entertainment have become scarce.   

But not with KOOB! This game gives family and friends, young and old the opportunity to socially distance in their own backyards while having fun. With a maximum of 12 players and minimum of two, KOOB is the answer to a boring evening or weekday where you may typically be at the bar with your friends or at a movie with your kids.    

The game begins with two teams. Each team has five KOOB pieces standing in a row on each side, and one king is placed in the middle between the teams. Each team takes its turn, throwing six wooden batons trying to knock down their opponents KOOBS. Once all five KOOBS are knocked down, the last thing to do is eliminate the king to win.  

It is straightforward, yet strategic and definitely serves up competition. It can be played in grass, sand, and even snow! It is a perfect set up for a backyard, a beachor even at a campsite!  

The only downfall I can say about KOOB is that it is on the pricier side. Though, it is completely worth it with its high quality of 100% natural wood material.  

The number one reason I recommend the game KOOB is that it pushes me to get outside and be active. I have found that the outdoors has always brought me clarity and peace. So living amongst a pandemic with the majority of the population having to isolate in their homes, KOOB is a prime activity to partake in to get outside and be social.    

Who would have thought throwing sticks at sticks would be so satisfying?!