‘DND Dragon Lance’ is a world to explore

Grant Nelson , Staff Writer

So over quarantine, I fell in love with the media franchise of “Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon Lance.” It is an insanely popular and longrunning DND franchise that has films, books and many other forms of media set in its universe. 

The world is very Middle Earthlike in that it its full of races such as elves, dwarfs and of course dragons. It revolves around a very Tolkienlike group of travelers who find themselves in a broken realm with strife division between the many cultures. 

The story starts with the peace shattered by an invasion of dragons and their slaves. The main plot takes the fellowship across the land and is filled with many storylines as the dragons search for ancient relics left over from the old gods of universe.  

The books do very well with world building, but the franchise is filled with film adaptations, old super Nintendo role playing games and game modules for DND.  

The franchise immerses you into the characters and story in many forms of media, and you can turn the world into a personal adventure for entire groups of people.  

This entire franchise was created by its writers in a car ride to Wisconsin as they moved to Lake Genevaand is one of oldest DND settings on the market.  

So, if you are looking for a good book to read or want to quest in this world yourself, I would highly recommend it.