Community provides nostalgia for last semester 

Kaleia Lawrence , Opinion Editor

One of my favorite things about attending community college is how I get to meet so many interesting people. I’ve met parents and their kids, veterans, and people from all different walks of life.   

With school being online, I miss interacting with all those amazing people. Chatting on a discussion board is just not quite the same.   

That’s one reason that I’ve been re-watching Community on Netflix. It makes me laugh and reminds me of the bonds made in class.   

Community accurately portrays aspects of community college, while also going beyond your typical comedy show.   

The study group perfectly encapsulates what you will get in most classes. There’s the retiree, the high school overachiever, the mother of two, the ex-football player, the lawyer, the activist, and the filmmaker. What starts as one man’s attempt to get a date turns into a tightly knit group of friends.  

The group goes through adventures, from science class assignments to paintball wars. So maybe it’s not quite like Madison College…at least not yet.  

Each character that I thought I was going to hate, I ended up loving. They took typical television tropes and made them likable. I not only laughed but also cried a couple of times too.   

As far as the show goes, there are so many different styles. There’s an animated episode, one where everyone is a puppet, and a claymation episode, too.  

I’ve watched popular comedy shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, and New Girl.” Not one of them did what Community has done for me. It created a show that was funny but didn’t take itself too seriously. Community played with all different concepts and even made fun of typical comedy tropes.  

So, if you’re missing your classroom buddies and are in need of a laugh, check out Community.