A good read for ‘Star Wars’ fans

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

For all you “Star Wars” fans who have gotten tired of the new canon, I would highly recommend the classics of a more civilized age.

“The Darth Bain” trilogy, as a whole, is incredible. It is set in the Old Republic era and deals with the rise of Sith after a great war that lays the foundations for the events of the various films.

In this book, we see not a bunch of social justice actors on a soapbox, but a story of a man who was left with nothing after a bloody war. The war and a series of events left him hungry for power to rise above the life of slavery in the armies of the Sith.

The books deal with the core of the Sith teachings and what defines them in their endless struggles with themselves and others for power, which the main character harnesses to shape himself as he and his apprentice seek immortality and dominion over the Jedi.

The books deal with a lot of harsh reality about the Sith and the Jedi that the films don’t really get into, such as how even the Jedi will turn children into soldiers to fight their wars.

The story has many characters with different causes. They are fighting for different measures they will take to gain them.

I find the story to be a dark parody of Luke Skywalker that grabs the readers with imagination.

“Star Wars,” at its core, is a monomyth that has always been relevant, no matter what era we live in. This trilogy of books, in my opinion, is just as timeless as Luke Skywalker’s first steps into a larger world ago all those years ago.