‘These Shining Lives’ Shines


Photo provided to The Clarion by TOM FONFARA

Characters Catherine, Frances, Charlotte, and Pearl react to the news of their fatal radium poisoning diagnosis.

Anica Graney, Managing Editor

Madison College’s Performing Arts presented “These Shining Lives” March 12-15 in the studio theater. The play, written by Melanie Marnich, was directed by Miranda Hawk and featured many Madison College students as the characters.

“These Shining Lives” features the story of four young women in the 1920-30s working for the Radium Dial Company by painting watch faces with radium.

As they work, they are consequently exposed to high doses of radium and eventually end up with radium poisoning.

The company they work for says that radium is supposed to be good for them, but the girls’ failing health says otherwise.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of this production on a successful performance.