3 crafty ways to liven up thanksgiving

Brooke Foye, Contributor

Ask and ye shall receive. Here are the Clarion’s top picks for your Thanksgiving celebration.

  1. The first top pick is a simple cheese and sausage platter, good for light snacking during meal preperation. It’ll ensure that none of your guests or family members steal a bit of the main course while it’s cooking. It only takes a few simple slices of cheese, sausage, and a pack of crackers to make your very own cheese platter turkey. The most difficult part of this project is cutting all the cheese slices to be the same size. It’s recommended to buy precut slices and then cut them to the desired size. It doesn’t eliminate the problem, but it is easier than slicing up a full block of cheese.
  2. The next top pick isn’t edible, but is still a wonderful idea and a nice Thanksgiving decoration. All you need to construct your yarn turkey are two balls of yarn or twine, needles or pins, a few pieces of felt, tape or glue, and paper. First, attach the smaller ball of yarn to the larger ball with pins. Then, decorate the smaller ball (the face) with shapes made from the felt. Next, cut the paper into feather shapes and attach them as a turkey’s tail feathers. Family members can then write what they’re thankful for on the feathers! The yarn turkey is a decorative piece that can get reused through the years.
  3. Lastly, everyone knows that on Thanksgiving, dinner is the main event; have you ever considered making breakfast turkey themed too? We introduce cinnamon turkey rolls. They’re simple. Prepare cinnamon rolls per usual, then take the outer end of the roll and tuck it towards the middle. When the rolls come out of the oven, stick four to five strips of bacon in the outer ring. Use small pretzels as turkey feet, and a little frosting to make eyes. You can even use candy corn for the beak! Cinnamon turkey rolls are a fun, delicious way to start your Thanksgiving off right and fill your home with delicious aromas.