Star Wars lives on with Legends

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

Troy Denning’s “Star Wars Legends” novel, “Star by Star,” is considered to be one of the best novels of the old expanded universe because of its use of characters and battles.

The novel focuses on a war between the New Republic and an invading alien empire that slaughters the Jedi and Republic armies on every corner.

The Jedi, led by the grandchildren of Darth Vader, lead an assault on an enemy base to turn the tide of the war, but the war cannot be won without sacrifice.

This era of “Star Wars” lore is dear to many fans because it is the continuation of the story after “The Return of the Jedi”.

“Star Wars Legends” was cancelled after Disney bought the rights to the “Star Wars” brand. The newer movies buy content from them occasionally.

“Star by Star” shows the fall of the Republic and the deaths of many main characters, like in “The Force Awakens”. “Star by Star” is far darker than most of the “Star Wars” movies and content on the market now. The theme of the novel is very mature, and it focuses on aspects that aren’t mentioned in the “Star Wars” films.

Denning, a Wisconsin native, has written many books in the “Star Wars Legends” series and has told many stories about the new Jedi order and the Sith.

As the final movie approaches, I would encourage casual fans to give the “Star Wars Legends” a try. It is just as good as any of the new movies.