Snuggle up with a good book

Emily Merlin, Social Media Editor

It has already started snowing, so you know what that means … time to grab a cup of tea, a soft blanket, and a good book. This month’s book is “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” by Alan Bradley.

“The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” is a murder mystery book with a twist. Instead of an adult figuring out these murders, an 11-year-old girl by the name of Flavia de Luce does. Flavia has an immense interest in chemistry (specifically poisons) and death.

You’re probably wondering, “Who gave this child permission to be around chemicals and dead bodies?” Well, technically nobody; she didn’t particularly ask. Flavia is intelligent, cunning, brave and slightly manipulative.

Since her mother died when she was a baby, she’s had minimal supervision while growing up. Her two older sisters constantly belittle and bully her. Flavia’s father, Colonel de Luce, has been lost ever since his wife died. He is unsure how to care for his three daughters and function without his beloved wife, Harriet de Luce. Colonel de Luce likes to hide in his study and lose himself in his own little world of stamps.

In “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie,” Flavia’s father is framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The murder occurs in the English countryside at Buckshaw, the de Luce manor.

The man who was murdered was overheard having a heated argument with Colonel de Luce the night before he was killed.

When the police arrive at the murder scene, the household staff are questioned by Inspector Hewitt, a detective who eventually becomes good friends with Flavia throughout the series.

Through the twists and turns of the novel, young Flavia encounters who the true murderer is. During the process of unveiling the murderer, Flavia finds herself in some questionable situations.

Somehow, she always seems to prevail in one way or another. Following Flavia through her hardships between friends and foes makes it hard to put the book down.

I know murder books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t hurt to read something outside of your comfort zone. This book is not terribly difficult to follow, so next time you head to a bookstore or library, go to the mystery section.