SNL’s Chris Redd visits Madison

Anica Graney, Design Director

Known for his rap parodies and impersonations, Chris Redd of Saturday Night Live and Disjointed on Netflix visited Comedy on State for a weekend of stand-up comedy.

Redd’s five shows started on Thursday Nov. 7 and ended on Saturday Nov. 9.  

Redd’s humor isn’t for the soft-hearted. He pounds the audience with raunchy stories and isn’t afraid to test the audience’s line of decency.

Many of his jokes reflect his own life, especially his childhood. He recounts what is was like to live in a Chicago suburb and how it felt to grow up with parents who actually loved each other.

Redd isn’t afraid to get to know the audience either. Many of his punches go straight towards the front row of the audience. 

I’ve always enjoyed Redd for his impersonations and rap parodies on Saturday Night Live, but I hadn’t looked much deeper into his career besides that. 

After I watched his stand-up in person, I came to the conclusion that his talents are best served as a cast member on Saturday Night Live (which isn’t a bad thing). Redd is a funny guy. He’s quick witted and entertaining to watch.

However, there’s nothing overly unique about him as a stand-up comedian. Redd performs extremely well, he’s well-rehearsed, and he’s able to ad-lib.

He interacts with the audience, which is key to a successful stand-up performance, but in all honesty the jokes and stories he told weren’t that memorable.  

Redd was able to make the crowd consistently chuckle, but big laughs were sparse and infrequent.

He did not bomb the performance by any means; all I’m saying is that I expected a little more from a SNL cast member.

If I was to poll everyone as to why they bought tickets to Redd’s show, I’m sure they would say it was because he’s on Saturday Night Live. I know that’s why I bought my tickets.

Redd’s not known for his stand-up, but he’s still a successful comedian. He knows how to entertain for a national live broadcast and a basement full of drunk Wisconsinites.