Lizzo rescues dog from local shelter

Emily Merlin, Staff Writer

On Oct. 10, The Sylvee was blessed with Lizzo’s presence. Before the 8 P.M. show, a member of Lizzo’s crew adopted a puppy from Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin is a local, non-profit organization that wants to find homes for all breed-companions.

A majority of the animals that are available for adoption are from shelters down in the southern states. Most of the animals are on the euthanasia list, but thankfully the Underdog volunteers are able to transport them from down south to Wisconsin. Underdog Pet Rescue is mostly run by volunteers.

There are volunteers who drive to the shelters down south to pick up these animals and drive them back to Wisconsin. Our wonderful foster families take care of these animals until they can find them a forever home. Foster families give pets a sense of what being in a home is like since most of them spent their days down south in crates or kennels. When trying to find a pet that fits your lifestyle, Underdog provides a much more personal experience

Lizzo’s crew adopted Saba (now Poke) because this dog fit her lifestyle. Poke is a two-month-old, mixed breed that currently weighs five pounds. Young Poke has stolen the hearts of Lizzo fans, local pet lovers, and animal advocates around the world. Poke will enjoy that Bling-Bling lifestyle!

Ever since Lizzo mentioned Underdog Pet Rescue on her Facebook and Instagram, the pet rescue has seen an incredible jump in viewers and potential adoptees. On Instagram alone, 2,000+ followers, as well as some adopters said they found out about Underdog Pet Rescue from Lizzo’s social media.

Underdog is incredibly appreciative of Lizzo for the exposure she has given to them. The number of animals that need a family is immense; Underdog Pet Rescue does all that they can to help.

There are more adorable animals available for adoption at