Ezra Furman, ‘Twelve Nudes’ album review

Britni Petitt and Gage Woodman

From the roughly recorded instrumentals and crude lyrics, Ezra Furman made a queer, punk record that echoes an older rock and roll era.

Quickly written and recorded in Fall 2018, Twelve Nudes is raw, angry, and personal.

A blend of punk, folk, and older rock is combined into a loud,  tasteful blend, occasionally pushing into a noisier direction.

The most extreme example coming from the song “Blown,” which is a short, crazily distorted track, almost sounding as if the song was deep fried in static.

There’s a lot being said on this record even if the messages are sometimes hard to understand through the fuzz. On their song “In America,” Ezra criticizes the country with lyrics like “I will write you a national anthem/Against the wall with your hands up/Don’t try anything funny” but also touches on a wistful note in the second chorus with “I’m alone in America/I want to go back home in America.”

The title, Twelve Nudes, can be confusing as there’s only 11 tracks. However, Ezra lays his soul bare within the music, thus constituting the twelfth element.