Black Sapphire Tattoo and Piercing opens near campus

Casey Anderson, Opinion Editor

Saturdays are reserved for walk-in days at tattoo shops, serving as a day for spontaneity and impulsive, but permanent, decisions. And yet, these tend to be the best ones!

Early in the afternoon on Sept. 14, my older sister and I waltzed into Black Sapphire Tattoo and Piercing, located at 5263 High Crossing Boulevard. We were greeted a friendly receptionist and lively turquoise wall. The shop was very open, consisting of one room shared by couches, two tattoo stations, and a spanning, hand painted table that resembled the layering of a crystal geode.

A cordial tattoo artist was waiting at the table, ready to help my sister and me with our tattoo ideas. He worked happily with me to accommodate my budget and speedily began printing out the designs I was looking for.

He printed them off after tracing them on an iPad, and began sanitizing and wiping down his work station where I would be tattooed. He kindly asked about what my sister and I like to do for fun, and made good-hearted jokes along the whole process. He was quick and efficient when tattooing, and was very professional with his work.

I was very excited in the moment to get my new tattoos, but felt I could have received a little bit more for my money’s worth. I felt a little distraught about the price of the work that was done. I got two very small tattoos, simply consisting of outlining and simple line work, and paid $95 with tip for it. They have a small sign at the front desk indicating they only take cash, which could pose potential problems with walk-in customers, as the nearest ATM is at a nearby Kwik Trip.

Other than maybe feeling like I could have gotten a bit more bang for my buck, I would recommend Black Sapphire Tattoo and Piercing for anyone looking to add to their tattoo collection. It’s a quick, friendly shop that always welcomes walk-ins. I did not receive aftercare instructions, so if you were looking to get your first tattoo, I would recommend somewhere a bit more popular or well-known, with reputable artists.

Black Sapphire Tattoo and Piercing has yet to earn a reputation, but I think other than a few professional improvements they could make, they have a nod from me that they’re moving in the right direction.