Something for every taste at annual event

Tessa Morhardt, Editor in Chief

At the annual Taste of Madison, the streets are crowded and everyone is full of joy without anything to worry about except for enjoying the good food, music and the company of those who surround them.

The different genres of food and music will match anyone and everyone’s tastes, from country to rock, wings to cheesecake.

Over the course of a whole weekend, around 250,000 people come to this free event. Taste of Madison is a great way to end summer activities before the school year begins again.

Taste of Madison covers more than 80 restaurants, has three large entertainment stages and has around 26 beverage stands to go to.

There are many special things about Taste of Madison. Perhaps the most special is that 25 volunteer groups work to make the event happen, and raise more than $60,000 for local non-profit and charity organizations every year.

Taste of Madison is a great community event where great food and music all come together on the capital square – an event for all ages to enjoy.