Earth Dance art exhibit featured at Farley Center

Britni Petitt, Photo Editor

At the Linda and Gene Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability, located just outside Verona, you will find acres upon acres of land including the Natural Path Sanctuary.

The Farley Center promotes community and sustainability in every activity and event they have, including Earth Dance.

Earth Dance is the fourth natural art exhibit to take place at the center. Local artists are challenged to make pieces from materials that can safely decompose back into the land. For many this includes vegetation, sticks, and natural adhesives to name a few.

A pair of artists, Katrina Krueger and Billy Morgan, made an impressive display inspired by all four elements.

Walking into their exhibit space, there’s a stump where you can sit and ponder all of the ways the elements interact with each other.

Hanging overhead, there’s a circle with pieces of fabric colored with vegetable and spice dyes hanging from it. The movement of air flowing through the fabric makes it look like a jellyfish.Large sticks have been placed in a way to resemble the beginning of a large bonfire.

The most fascinating part of their piece would be the raindrops made from twine and a combination of beeswax and pine resin. The drops are filled with vegetation, seemingly raining new life back into the earth.

To check out the exhibit in full, you can take a self-guided tour of the sanctuary from sunup to sundown through Nov. 2. The  Farley Center requests that you return maps at the end of your visit and to please take anything you bring with you.