Devil May Cry 5: A stylish return to form


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Ezra Peters, Staff Writer

“Devil May Cry” is finally back after a 10-year hiatus, with a scuffed reputation and something to prove. After the poorly received fourth game, and the endlessly ridiculed reboot the series was in a really tough spot, with interest in the series hitting an all-time low. Eventually Capcom gave everyone exactly what they wanted: good ol’ stylish action.

“Devil May Cry” is a mechanically solid game meticulously crafted to make you feel like a concert conductor in a Lovecraftian horror novel, orchestrating the demise of horror movie rejects in a beautiful chorus of flash and spectacle.

The story follows up after the fourth game with our new protagonist, Nero, his mentor, Dante, and his new mysterious friend “V” going on a journey to save London from an evil demon named Urizen. The plot developments, without any spoilers, are very safe and incredibly predictable as fans of the series will be able to guess any major plot twists. This is disappointing, but not unexpected since this is Capcom we’re talking about.

With our three playable protagonists come three distinct playstyles. Nero sports a simple move set, with his sword modified by his mechanical arms dubbed “Devil Breakers,” which give him additional abilities and break after use. Dante feels like a classic “Devil May Cry” character, but may be daunting to newcomers with 10 weapons at his disposal paired with four unique fighting styles: Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Trickster, and Royal Guard, all of which can be changed on the fly.

The series newcomer “V” is radically different from the other two characters, as he is more of a poet than he is a fighter. Instead of swords or guns, “V” has his familiars do his fighting for him. His entourage consists of “Panther,” a spectral panther that can morph into blades, “Griffon,” a large, laser-shooting ghostly bird, and “Nightmare,” a hulking mass of black sludge with an appearance that matches its name aptly.

“Devil May Cry” is very mechanically deep, and with all the weapons, techniques and styles, you may find yourself getting lost in the many combat options introduced, even up to the last mission.

This game is a genuine passion project, and it shows in almost every aspect, delivering a solid gameplay experience while also being no slouch in the graphics department.