‘Wargroove’ is a fun strategy game

Craig McKinley, Staff Writer

For those who enjoy turn-based strategy games, “Wargroove” released this past February and has many features to augment the strategy-game experience. It takes a gameplay style similar to the “Advance Wars” series – with the player’s army expanding as a turn-based battle goes on – and a setting where armies have more in the way of magic and close-range weapons than technology, closer to the “Fire Emblem” series.

Fans of both of “Advance Wars” and “Fire Emblem” are likely to feel at home with “Wargroove.” Those who enjoy turn-based strategy games – yet haven’t played either an “Advance Wars” or “Fire Emblem” game – may still find something they enjoy in “Wargroove.”

“Wargroove” has graphics that closely resemble the style of the Gameboy Advance. It simulates relatively limited colors and pixel resolution in order to achieve this. Maps are visually designed simply without taking away from functionality, while characters are designed around the visual theme of the faction that they’re part of. The music presents a feeling that fits well with the idea of the gameplay, being a fantasy battle that one can have fun with.

In a typical game of “Wargroove,” players will take turns attacking each other’s units, recruiting more units, and working toward victory by taking down the opposing Commander or stronghold. Gold is earned through maintaining control of villages and can be used for recruitment, reinforcement, and techniques that are unique to certain units. Each Commander also has a unique move called a “Groove”, which are charged by damaging opposing units and in-between turns. Grooves have a varying effect per Commander, though an example would be healing nearby allies.

One can play by themselves by going through the story of the campaign, through an arcade mode (themed on the “arcade” seen in many fighting games), work to win in one turn through Puzzle mode, or do a skirmish with a computer-player. Multiple people can also play cooperatively or competitively all on the same device or on separate systems. Playing by one’s self generally has an adjustable challenge, while playing with others is accessible and supports Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users all being able to play together across any of these platforms.

Custom content also adds replay-value to “Wargroove”. For example, one can create their own map or campaign, which can include custom cutscenes and events based on the content. These can be distributed to be played on any platform the game is currently available on. The downloading of shared content helps players experience something new and fresh.

“Wargroove” has a lot to offer. It has simple graphics, fun music that fits the theme of combat, and varied ways to play, strategize in, and share the game. With accessible gameplay and cross-platform play between all devices that it can be played on, “Wargroove” can be a great game for fans of strategy games.