Student Art Show

Annual Yahara Journal art show features wide variety of styles, media


Andrew Kicmol

Art show draws many visitors

Mandy Scheuer, Arts Editor

The Yahara Journal Art Show happens every year and showcases masterpieces that anyone can submit. You do not have to be in an art class to submit anything. What I found really intriguing is that the submissions were made from anything, and everything.

My first impression when I walked into the Truax Gallery was there are many masterpieces being showed off. I was amazed at the shear number. I thought there were going to be a few, not 130.

As I did a brief glance at all of them, I realized all of them were also different sizes.  I saw a few that were as small as a normal piece of printer paper  (8.5 inches by 11 inches), and as big as a normal canvas (20 inches by 24 inches).

When I walked around again, I discovered my personal favorites. They are: “Two Swans” by Emma Karbusicky, “Raven de Los Muertos” by Patricia Raven Fabal, “The Rare Laced-Winged Early Bird” by Patricia Raven Fabal, “Heron” by Spencer Ray, “Swan Portrait” by Abbey Miskimen, and “Swan at Dawn” by Abbey Miskimen.

As you can tell, I love birds and art.

When I saw those two things combined, I was amazed at all of the artists’ creativity and talents. Some of the materials the artists used were watercolour paint, oil paint, coloured pencil, digital illustration, and photography.

If I had the chance to show something off, I would either do something about birds or nature, one of my favorite books or movies, or something I came up completely on my own.

The student members of the Yahara Journal staff selected “Best of Show” winners from the show. These are labeled as part of the display.

First place went to Dana Ponce for “Padme Dress,” a movie dress replica that she created from one of the Star Wars movies. At the show, she told the journal staff that it took her eight months to create the dress and that she has created several other movie and TV show costumes.

Emma Karbusicky won second place with her painting call “Floating,” which feature a spaceman floating above a forest floor.

Finally, Anna Krylova finished in third place with her watercolor and sea salt painting entitled “Wisdom.”

The show runs through March 15, so if you haven’t stopped in yet, there’s still time to check it out.