‘Mister Miracle’ a perfect comic run

Matt Withers, Arts Editor

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It’s a bittersweet feeling when one of your favorite series comes to an end. On one hand it’s nice to know that it didn’t have extra books to ruin the legacy and story it created. On the other hand its over and the reader is left craving more. “Mister Miracle” is a near perfect comic series. It’s only 12 issues long and tells one coherent story that is as beautiful as it is heart wrenching.

The story of “Mister Miracle” seems extremely complicated as it involves multiple gods. If you are not fluent in 80 years of DC history then you’re going to need a wiki or two to figure out who these characters are. But the magic that author Tom King weaves into the story is that at its core, the plot is extremely simple, its about a man struggling with depression and trying to be a better role model for his kids then his father ever was for him.

Scott Free is “Mister Miracle” and the final issue follows him as he talks to every character that has died in the series who each represent a different aspect of his regrets about the decisions that he’s made.

The first ghost he talks to is his abusive adoptive mother, Granny Goodness. She says he was selfish for trying to take his own life, and he should have thought of her first. Showing that her emotional abuse of him as a child has stuck with him even now. The second is his friend who was killed in war, telling him that he should have died with him, and since he chose not to die that he is forever stuck in a world without love and full of pain. The third is his adoptive brother Orion, who tells him that he hates Scott because he has a perfect life.

The last two ghosts haunting Scott are the most impactful of the bunch. His adoptive father Darkseid says nothing and doesn’t even acknowledge Scott at all. This becomes even more impactful when Mister Miracle’s genetic father Highfather greets him as a ghost. When Scott was born Highfather traded him away to Darkseid to prevent a war, fully knowing that Scott would be tortured all his life. Highfather still claims he did the right thing and tells Scott that he’s disappointed in Scott for not being able to trade his newborn as well. This is the tipping point for Scott as he attacks the ghost of Highfather, and only muttering the words “F*** you.”

In conclusion, I cannot praise this series and this finale enough. It is everything I want out of comics, and is a must read for anyone who even has a passing interest in comics.

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