K-Pop band EXO says ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’

Antilica Xiong, Graphic Designer

On Nov. 2, EXO released its new album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo – The 5TH Album.” The album consists of 11 new songs with a groove style, but also has some slower jazz, r&b and throwback summer styles. If you aren’t familiar with EXO they are one of the popular K-POP boy groups in South Korea. EXO-L’s (fans of the group) have been waiting for EXO’s full group comeback since December 2017 when we were left with their Christmas album and their fourth album throughout the year. This is the first time in what seems like forever for the whole group to sing and dance all together.

The music video for their main hit song Tempo reached almost two million views in only three days. It’s a funky mix of rap and groove that excites the viewer to want to get up and dance. It’s completely different than their fourth album that was sci-fi with a slower beat. In the “Tempo” music video it presents them in a cool boy crush image with motorcycles and snipped cut scenes. They also included a Chinese version of the song that Lay recorded as a mark of his return.

“Ooh La La La” and “Smile On My Face” are some of the slower songs in the album. “Ooh La La La” may be one of their slower songs but it’s still groovy with a twist of smooth jazz. The song is about contemplating whether a guy should make a move on a girl but it’s just their first meeting. I imagine this song in the middle of an old bar and get love at first sight. “Smile On My Face” on the other hand is a sad song about a break up. It’s a very typical love song but it covers all the feelings throughout a break up with the pain, tears and difficulty of letting go.

Ending on a happier note, you definitely get throwback summer vibes with the songs “24/7” and especially “Oasis.” “Chasing the sun” is one of the key lyrics in “Oasis” and definitely brings back the huge trend last summer of a bubbly trap beat, like Chungha’s “Rollercoaster”, Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”, or IKON’s “Love Scenario.” “24/7” is actually a sadder song but the rhythm plays around with an almost magical fairy vibe which definitely fits the summer trend. Even though we are close to December with the decreasing temperature, listening to these songs is like going back to the beach, festivals, and barbecues all over again.